Are Elderberry gummies or syrup more effective?

Liquid products and syrups are more bio-available and fast-absorbing. Specially, since the body does not need to process fiber or other slow-digesting nutrients. Hence, making the product more efficient in healing and effective for medicinal purpose. It is even more important when an individual is in a diseased state with inefficient gut or gastrointestinal (GI) function, such as during fever, flu, autoimmune, immune-compromised, etc.

Elderberry gummies, depending on the manufacturer may have various additives and fillers or unnecessary ingredients.

Simply put, Elderberry Syrup is better and more effective than elderberry gummies, because the syrup only needs to have the necessary ingredients. Meanwhile, Elderberry gummies will need other unnecessary ingredients, such as gelatin, tapioca, rice flour, etc. in order to achieve the solid form.